The Knitter's merit badge vol. 1
  • The Knitter's merit badge vol. 1
  • The Knitter's merit badge vol. 1
  • The Knitter's merit badge vol. 1
  • The Knitter's merit badge vol. 1
  • The Knitter's merit badge vol. 1

The Knitter's merit badge vol. 1

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Patch: The Knitter’s Mile High Club

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Flaunt your knitting milestone with our new Knitter's merit badges!

The badge is 5 cm wide, and made in Denmark.

The price: 45 dk kr is for ONE patch.

The badges are a way to flash your merits as a knitter on your knitting bag, tote or battle jacket!

1. The Knitter’s Mile High Club / The Airplane Knitter
Have you brought your knitting project on a plane?

2. Driving under the Knitfluence / The Car Knitter
On long trips knitting can be a great way to pass the time, while some one else takes the wheel.

3. Knit, myself and I / The First Time Ego Knitter
Put this on your favorite knitting bag to celebrate the first time you knitted something for yourself!

4. Knit by the Ocean / The Beach Knitter
When your bring your knitting to the beach you don't have to g swimming, og mess with sandcastles.

5. O Sole Mio / The italian bind-off
You know, you need a reward after closing off those 500 stitches with two threads of silk mohair. How about a patch?

6. Feeling scrappy / The Scrap Yarn Knitter
The satisfaction of using every last scrap of that beautiful yarn - to mix, match and just go with the flow!

7. Do you believe in magic? / Tackling the magic loop
It's a kind of magic, when you succeed in making that loop work for you and not against you!

8. These Knits are made for walking / The Knit Walker
You’re truly never not knitting, in queues, on hikes and during your daily commute. 

These badges are a collaboration between Rock'n'Roll Hausfrau and Deadly Daisies.

Astrid, Rock'n'Roll Hausfrau, is among others behind #StrikkeBio and #Strikkerundfart.

You can read much more about that, on her website:

You can also find her on instagram: @rocknrollhausfrau